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Medical Billing and Coding: Legal Issues

Patients expect healthcare professionals to cure them, and when their expectations are not met, some patients take retribution by suing the healthcare provider and those who are involved in their care.  Sometimes patients are not willing to take the necessary steps to care for themselves and want someone to blame.  Medical billing and coding specialists and medical insurance specialists, along with the entire allied health field, can be targets for disappointed patients, and can also become victims of aggressive attorneys who seek out these disgruntled patients; sometimes patients who would not otherwise sue, are convinced by opportunistic attorneys that they can recoup their losses by bringing legal action against those who have provided them with healthcare.

Healthcare professionals are watched closely by various government agencies to ensure that all parties are treated fairly and legally.  There have been laws and regulations created that outline procedures for prescribing medications, record keeping, proper billing methods to medicaid and medicare, and a host of other aspects of the healthcare industry.  It is wise to be aware of the laws for medical billing and coding specialists, and medical insurance specialists so that they can be followed.  Medical insurance specialists are exposed to increased potential for legal action because they handle confidential patient information and prepare the actual bills and related documentations submitted to government agencies for payment.  However, in this day and age, no one is immune to legal action.   As a medical billing and coding specialist or an insurance specialist, you can minimize exposure to a lawsuit by knowing the laws and regulations that govern the healthcare industry.  A law is a rule that everyone must abide by.  There are four basic classifications of laws in the allied health care industry.  They will be defined and discussed in the next four blogs.  They are common law, statutory law, administrative law, and case law.

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