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AAPC: American Academy of Professional Coders

When studying to become certified in Medical Billing and Coding, it may be beneficial to join an organziation with like minded professionals.  These organziations can provide you with up to date medical information, and a society to keep you connected.  May we introduce the AAPC, which stands for the American Academy of Professional Coders.  To start lets take a closer look at the AAPC and discover together how the American Academy of profssional Coders hopes to help its’ many members.

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) was founded in 1988.  This organization was founded with the main goal to provide education and professional certifications to physician-based medical coders, and to elevate the standards of medical coding.  They hope to do this by providing the most up to date student training, some certifications, and a network of ongoing education.  One good feature of this organization is that they also offer employment and job listings on their site.   The AAPC currently has a membership base of 86,000 medical billing and coding specialists worldwide.  64,000 of the 86,000 are certified in this field.  The AAPC coders that have their credentials, have some things in common.  All of the medical billers and coders associated with the AAPC have proven mastery of all code sets, evaluation and management principles and documentation guidelines. The members of the AAPC organization also represent the best in outpatient coding.

AAPC members are able to enjoy many rights, benefits and responsibilities through their membership. The Member Bill of Rights outlines information of member “rights and responsibilities”.  The AAPC reserves the right to amend these at any time and will communicate these changes to all of the members prior. The purpose of the Member Bill of Rights was originally drafted to provide an organization with credible and effective mechanisms to address concerns of individuals in this profession.  It is often benefical to associate with people in your field so that you can remain abreast of new information.  The intent of the Bill of Rights is to reaffirm the importance of a strong relationship between the AAPC staff and its members.

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